Piusi Electric 12V Oil Transfer Pump Viscotroll 200/2 K400

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    Piusi Electric 12V Oil Transfer Pump Viscotroll 200/2 K400

    About the product

    The Piusi Viscotroll DC oil transfer pump is a portable pumping system, which is designed to transfer oil from a drum anywhere in the workshop, without the need for compressed air or mains power. This Piusi pump unit is comprised of a drum trolley, gear oil transfer pump with a 12v DC motor, a nozzle and hose. Viscotroll DC oil transfer pumps also benefit from an in-built battery charger. These mobile 12v fuel transfer pumps can be supplied in a number of forms including models with a flow meter and pressure switch.

    Please refer to our viscosity chart to check whether this pump is suitable for use with your oil.

    Features of the Viscotroll Drum Mounted Oil Pump Kit

    • Drum trolley with nozzle support and drip collector
    • Self-priming Viscomat oil pump
    • Incorporated bypass valve
    • Flow rate: 6 ltr per min
    • Viscosity up to 2000 cSt
    • Pressure switch with incorporated safety valve
    • Inbuilt battery & charger
    • Digital flow meter K400
    • Nozzle with flexible end and automatic non-drip valve
    • Delivery & suction hose
    • Protection grade: IP55
    • 100% made in Italy by Piusi Italy

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