Piusi Diesel transfer pump Drum Panther 56 K33

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    Piusi Diesel transfer pump Drum Panther 56 K33

    About the product

    This Piusi pump is an electric diesel transfer pump kit designed to be easily connected to the top of a drum using a quick coupling. This diesel fuel transfer pump therefore provides the user with the ability to easily move the kit from drum to drum and transfer fuel quickly. These mains powered, electric diesel transfer pumps are simple fuel dispensing solutions commonly used in a construction, workshop or agricultural environment.

    As standard, this drum mounted pump comes with a nozzle, nozzle holster, hose, drum connector and telescopic down tube. These Piusi fuel transfer pumps are also available in two alternative models depending upon whether the user requires a flow meter for counting the amount of fuel that has been dispensed.

    Features of the Drum Mounted Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit:

    • Drum mounted fuel dispenser
    • Panther electric fuel transfer pump
    • Incorporated bypass valve
    • Flow rate: 56ltr per min
    • Automatic nozzle & holster
    • 4m delivery hose 3/4″ & telescopic suction tube
    • Optional mechanical K33 flow meter
    • 2” quick coupling for easy drum mounting
    • Protection grade: IP55
    • Available in 230v
    • 100% made in Italy by Piusi Italy

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